Cable TV Program Featuring the IROAST Posted to KU Official YouTube Channel

Dec 4, 2020

The monthly program #31 “Door to Philosophia (フィロソフィアの扉)”, featuring the IROAST, had been broadcasted by J-COM Cable TV Channel Kumamoto in November 2020. The video had been uploaded to the Kumamoto University official You Tube Channel. Now everyone can enjoy it on the website. You are sure to get to know more details about the IROAST when you check this program!

Please click  HERE  to watch the video of #31 “Door to Philosophia (フィロソフィアの扉)” featuring the IROAST!     ↓  ↓ ↓

*Regarding the report about the shooting, please see the "NEWS" of "Cable TV Interview on October 9"