October 18 (Wed.), 2017: The 4th IROAST Seminar – Use of renewable energy sources for mine energy system

Sep 12, 2017

IROAST will hold the 4th IROAST Seminar – Use of renewable energy sources for mine energy system –  at Kurokami South C3 ( Faculty of Engineering Research Building 1) Room 905, 12:50 – 14:20, on October 18, 2017. ( Kurokami South Campus C3 building)

Dr. Agus Sasmito, an assistant professor in Department of Mining and Materials Engineering at McGill University, will give a presentation entitled “Multiphysics Transport Processes for Sustainable Energy System”, focusing on 3 subtopics. Please see the details of the seminar as follows.

Artificial ground freezing: AGF is commonly used in mining, tunneling and civil application, but requires high capital and operating costs. A novel AGF system reducing energy consumption by up to 40 % will be presented.
Ventilation heating and cooling: Deep underground mine requires extensive energy consumption. It is aimed to reduce energy consumption by introducing innovative concept utilizing renewable energy.
Slurry transport: Transporting paste backfill from surface to the stope via pipeline system requires careful consideration. Mathematical and computational tools are developed in order to predict non-Newtonian flow behavior and wear characteristics.

The above topics cover various academic fields, including civil, mining, and mechanical engineering. Hence, this seminar is expected to attract a high level of interest. Everyone is welcome. We hope to see you at the seminar.

Contact for 4th IROAST Seminar contents: Associate Professor Atsushi SAINOKI
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Contact for IROAST seminar:
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