IROAST Symposiums

IROAST is calling for IROAST Symposium proposals. We ask those interested to read the IROAST Symposium Notes, fill out the application form below and send it to the IROAST secretariat at szk-kiko* by email. Applications will be screened by the IROAST Director and Vice Director and may be turned down depending on the screening results.
(Please change the letter from * to @ to protect from spam mail)

  • IROAST Symposium Notes (Japanese/English PDF)
  • IROAST Symposium Support Program Application Form (Form 1) (Japanese/English DOC)
  • IROAST Symposium Organizer's Responsibilities & IROAST Office Support (Japanese/English PDF)
  • IROAST Symposium Report (Form 2) (English DOC)