Introduction of IROAST outlines by Director TAKASHIMA
  • Kazuki TAKASHIMA (Micro-Mechanical Characterization of Materials)
  • Kei TODA (Atmospheric Chemistry of Biogenic Compounds)
  • Mitsuhiro AIDA (Plant Development Biology)
  • Ruda LEE (Nanomedicine for Advanced Cancer Treatment)
  • Hiroki MATSUO (Development of Ferroelectric Materials)
  • Gaochuang CAI (Design for Safety and Sustainability)
  • Gate to the Philosophia with English subtitle

International Joint Research Faculty Members

  • Introduction of "International Joint Research Faculty Members"
  • Takahiro HOSONO (Environmental Dynamics Analysis and Diagnosis)
  • Kei ISHIDA (Hydrology)
  • Yuta NAKASHIMA (Micro-Nano BioMedical Engineering)

IRCMS-IROAST Joint Research Group

  • Group of Dr. Arima & Dr. Mukunoki
  • Group of Dr. Mizuno (Dr. Mizuno, Dr. Takihara, Dr. Higaki and Dr. Mendonça)
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