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Control of plant-parasitic nematodes

Bacillus thuringiensis crystal (Cry) proteins are specifically toxic to the insect orders Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Hymenoptera and Diptera, and also to nematodes. In the IROAST Research Cluster "Control of plant-parasitic nematodes", we are going to develop and validate new methods of plant-parasitic nematode control using Cry proteins. Cry proteins will be expressed in specific cells of the root at a particular time during nematode infection to investigate the effective expression of Cry proteins in plants. In addition, we will visualize the Cry toxicity pathway from plant cells to nematodes.

Control of plant-parasitic nematodes

Cluster members

  • Japan
    Masahiko FURUTANI Website
    Associate Professor, IROAST, Kumamoto University
  • Japan
    Shinichiro SAWA Website
    Professor, FAST, Kumamoto University
  • USA
    Raffi AROIAN
    Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School
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