Research Support Programs for KU Researchers

IROAST Proofreading/Publication Support Program 「論文投稿支援事業」




The above-mentioned program will be implemented as described in the implementation guidelines. If you meet the following qualifications and wish to apply for this support, please submit the application documents to the contact person in charge.

Please note that the IROAST Office will, in principle, make payment for the support provided by this application, not advance payment. If the time between acceptance and payment is particularly short, please contact us when you are about to receive an acceptance decision. Also, after acceptance please submit your application promptly before the payment date.



申請資格:Application Eligibility

(1)自然科学分野の研究者のうち、次のいずれかに該当する者。Researchers in sciences and technology field who meet one of the following conditions

①IROAST卓越教授との共著論文を投稿予定の者Those who plan to submit a paper co-authored with an IROAST Distinguished Professor.

②IROAST客員教授との共著論文を投稿予定の者Those who plan to submit a co-authored paper with an IROAST Visiting Professor or Visiting Associate Professor

③IROAST国際共同研究員IROAST International Joint Research Faculty Members

④IROAST事業に採択された研究者のうち採択事業に関連する論文を投稿予定の者Researchers who have been selected for an IROAST project and are scheduled to submit a paper related to the selected project.

(2)IROAST所属研究者(卓越教授、客員教授及び准教授、テニュアトラック教員、特別研究員)Researchers affiliated with IROAST (distinguished professors, visiting professors and associate professors, tenure-track faculty members, and doctoral researchers)

*All papers must clearly indicate IROAST affiliation in order to be supported.


申請期限: 令和5年2月28日(火)Application deadline: Tuesday, February 28, 2023
*For IROAST budgetary reasons, however, the application period may be closed before the deadline.

提 出 先: 自然科学系事務課国際先端科学技術研究機構担当 IROAST Office


Opened on April 13, 2022

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