Farewell ceremony for the leaving IROAST Director, Dr. Takashi Hiyama

Apr 8, 2021

On March 31st, IROAST faculty and staff came together to show their appreciation of Dr. Takashi Hiyama, Director of IROAST, who had been in that position for 5 years since April of 2016.

First, Prof. Takashima, Vice Director of IROAST, expressed his gratitude to Dr. Hiyama.
Then, Dr. Hiyama gave his farewell speech, briefly introducing the five years achievement at IROAST and sharing some of the memorable and inspiring words in his life.

Finally, we presented send-off gifts as our appreciation and had a time for taking some photos with him and his wife.
Wishing you much joy & happiness as you begin a new chapter in your life, Dr. Hiyama!

Director Hiyama’s farewell speech Director Hiyama received send-off gifts
Commemorative photo Director Hiyama and his wife