Achievement Data and Self-evaluation Indices

We have specified the following indices and their yearly numerical targets, as well as the final goals, in order to evaluate our research activities and also to improve the research-supporting programs active at our research organization.

Phase 2: April 2022 – March 2028  

Indices       Numerical Targets       
Number of papers per year 70-80
Rate of international joint papers ~80%~
Rate of top 10% papers ~20%~
Category Normalized Citation Impact (CNCI) >1.2
Number of Visiting Professors ~40~
Number of international symposia and seminars per year                                                        >16


Phase 1: April 2016 - March 2022

Indices Numerical Targets
Number of papers per year 30
Rate of international joint papers ~80%~
Rate of top 10% papers ~20%~
Category Normalized Citation Impact (CNCI) >1.1
Number of concluded MOUs >20

(for the first term)
Number of Visiting Professors ~40~

(for the first term)
Number of Distinguished Professors 4

(for the first term)
Number of international symposia, including KU-KAIST Joint Symposia, per year >2
Number of international seminars, including IROAST&IRCMS Joint Seminars, per year ~20~
Number of invited researchers per year ~25~
Number of researchers visiting overseas universities and institutions per year ~20~
Number of internship students per year ~5~

All about IROAST

IROAST fosters young researchers who have the potential to perform internationally and to contribute to joint research and exchange with researchers in different fields or departments in Kumamoto University and overseas universities.
(as of January 1, 2023)


Tenure-track Professors/Associate Professors 4
Distinguished Professors 4
International Joint Research Faculty Members 10
Postdoctoral Researchers 3
Visiting Professor/Associate Professor 43


Number of International
Internship Students
Number of
International Symposia/Seminars
107 in total
Number of People
who have Joined International

Number of Invited Researchers
Number of Researchers dispatched
to Overseas Universities

Research Achievements

IROAST has exceeded the targets it set when it was first established. Its performance indicators are the highest in this university, and IROAST has achieved results that can strengthen and advance the university's international research competitiveness.

  • Number of Papers
  • Rate of Internationally Co-authored Papers
  • Rate of Top 10% Papers
  • Field Weighted Citation Index

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