Meeting at Baylor University, U.S.

Dec 1, 2018

On November 26, 2018, IROAST held a meeting with one of its International Advisory Board members at Baylor University, U.S.

The purpose of the meeting was to exchange ideas for the further promotion of international research collaborations at IROAST. Professor Takashi Hiyama, Director of IROAST, and Mr. Junichi Kumagai, Chief Manager, had fruitful talks with one of the members of the IROAST International Advisory Board, Professor Kwang Y. Lee, Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and also with Professor Truell W. Hyde, Vice Provost for Research, and Professor Jeffery S. Hamilton, Vice Provost for Global Engagement.

Director Hiyama introduced an overview of IROAST, including its research activities after its establishment in 2016. He talked about the recruitment of IROAST tenure-track young excellent researchers, distinguished professors, visiting professors, and postdoctoral researchers, and also about the research support programs running at IROAST for the international research collaboration.

It was a wonderful opportunity for IROAST staff to exchange ideas with leading faculty of Baylor University especially in the areas of science and technology, for the further promotion of international exchange based on the international brain circulation. The discussions there will definitely bring further improvement to IROAST international activities.

(From left) Prof. Lee, Mr. Kumagai, Chief Manager of IROAST, Prof. Hiyama, Director of IROAST, and Prof. Hyde, Vice Provost for Research

Scenery of the meeting with the International Advisory Board member and the leaders of Baylor University: Prof. Jeffery S. Hamilton, Vice Provost for Global Engagement, was there at the right hand side of the photo.

Director Hiyama gave a souvenir from IROAST to Prof. Lee, IROAST International Advisory Board member