69th IROAST Seminar-Deep Learning & Image Processing for CT data analysis of morphometric parameters in soil

Nov 28, 2019

The workshop will investigate the potential of machine learning and most
specifically deep learning techniques to the understanding of soils characteristics and behavior from various scales and horizons (above -aerial, and inside -CT-scan).  The attendees will provide several perspectives of deep learning techniques applications to a range of problems and images notably:

i)  in marine, forestry and farming environment from aerial perspective;
ii) for CT-scan image segmentation of brain images; in a multi-scale sensing and image analysis point of view;
iii) 3D morphological and textural analysis of voxels datasets
iv) Micro-Macro scale issue and its modeling
v)  Deep learning+Computer Vision in the context of New Zealand environment
vi) Multi-Scale UAV Mapping of surface topographies

The workshop will be concluded with a broad panel discussion on the application of machine learning to the X-Earth center research areas and a focused discussion of a set of X-Earth-centric problems to engage as part of future collaboration.

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