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IROAST International Advisory Board Committee Meeting held at Kumamoto University

Nov 24, 2022

On November 18, 2022, the International Research Organization for Advanced Science and Technology (IROAST) held an International Advisory Board Committee Meeting at Kumamoto University, Japan. The International Advisory Board was established to obtain recommendations from an international perspective and reflect them in the policies of Kumamoto University and IROAST, following the IROAST mission: to strengthen and sharpen outstanding leading-edge research in the natural sciences internationally at Kumamoto University, to promote international collaborative research and expand global collaborative research networks, and to discover and foster human resources for internationally outstanding leading research.

At this International Advisory Board Committee meeting, we appointed the distinguished professors Dmitri Aleks Molodov and László George Pusztai as members of the Advisory Board and exchanged opinions with them.

Director Kazuki Takashima, IROAST, presented the efforts and achievements of IROAST, followed by research presentations from IROAST faculty members.

The committee members evaluated that the international joint research network has been steadily built through the efforts of IROAST, and the tenure-track system has produced excellent research personnel. It was also proposed that the university further utilizes the connections that IROAST has with distinguished professors and visiting professors to provide graduate students with international-level education and research guidance, and to contribute to the internationalization of the university by proactively providing young researchers with opportunities to interact with overseas researchers.

This year, we plan to hold discussions with three more Advisory Board members. Per their recommendations, we will work toward becoming a driving force for the university’s project on internationalization, by taking advantage of the strengths of IROAST.

Presentation of report on the efforts and achievements of IROAST by Director Takashima

Research presentations by IROAST faculty members

Left) Distinguished Professor Molodov,  Right) Distinguished Professor Pusztai

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