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  • IROAST Internship Programs Hosted by Associate Prof. Cai Have Been Completed!


IROAST Internship Programs Hosted by Associate Prof. Cai Have Been Completed!

Mar 4, 2022

From January 17 to February 25, 2022, five young researchers from abroad did an internship with Associate Professor Cai (IROAST), this time in an online format, as they could not come to Japan due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

1.HE, Yunjian  2.LIU, Wei  3.WEN, Yue  4.ZHAO, Fuchao  5.CAI, ChengGong

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1.HE, Yunjian HE, Yunjian, a master's student at Zhengzhou University, conducted research on the bond performance between carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) bars and ultra-high-performance concrete.

2022-1-31  2nd meeting

From his final report

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2.LIU, Wei PhD. student LIU, Wei, participated in an internship as part of a joint project with the University of Lyon. His topic was a review of textile reinforced concrete (TRC) repair techniques subjected to coupling impacts of environmental and mechanical load, and he conducted research with a particular focus on the bond behavior of the TRC-old concrete interface.

1st meeting (Kick-off Meeting)

2022.02.02   2nd meeting

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3.WEN, Yue WEN, Yue, a master's student in the double degree program at Nanjing University of Technology and Fukuoka Institute of Technology, conducted a literature review on current Resilient Concrete Structure (RCS) technology to provide basic information on what RCS is and how it is realized. The project was successful.

Jan. 31, 2022      2nd meeting

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4.ZHAO, Fuchao ZHAO, Fuchao, a Ph.D. student at Sichuan University and a visiting Ph.D. student at University of Lyon, based on his own experimental research, studied the seismic design and FEM simulation of demountable precast RC wall structures, clarified the damage mechanism, failure mode, and force-transfer mechanism of demountable PC wall panels, investigated the influence of the deformation of joints, and developed the calculation methods for predicting the shear capacity of the wall panels.

2022/02/03    2nd meeting

From his final report

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5.CAI, ChengGong CAI, ChengGong, a master's student at Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, studied the effect of different preloads on the oxygen diffusion of coral concrete, discussed the difference between the internal diffusion law of oxygen and the oxygen diffusion sheet test, developed a test method for considering the effect of different preloads on the oxygen diffusion of concrete, and used the finite element method to simulate the oxygen diffusion model in concrete.

kick off + first meeting


From his final report


This internship was beneficial for the five students and they will be able to continue to promote collaborative research with Associate Professor Cai in the future. They plan to submit their research results from this internship to several international journals.


IROAST plans to continue recruiting graduate students and young researchers who wish to do internships in the coming year.

We will announce on our website when the call for applications opens.


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