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  • Papers by Dr. Acharya, our Distinguished Professor, Have Been Added in List of “Publication”!


Papers by Dr. Acharya, our Distinguished Professor, Have Been Added in List of “Publication”!

May 27, 2022

The following 19 papers by Professor U Rajendra ACHARYA have been published since FY2021 as an IROAST Visiting Professor or a Distinguished Professor and added in our list of Publications as a part of IROAST's achievements.

He had been an IROAST Visiting Professor until March, 2022, and became a Distinguished Professor at IROAST in April, 2022.



1.An expert system for automated classification of phases in cyclic alternating patterns of sleep using optimal wavelet‐based entropy features *Released online version and will be included in an issue soon.

2.Automated detection and screening of depression using continuous wavelet transform with electroencephalogram signals *Released online version and will be included in an issue soon.

3.Application of Photoplethysmography signals for Healthcare systems: An in-depth review

4.Feature‐versus deep learning‐based approaches for the automated detection of brain tumor with magnetic resonance images: A comparative study

5.Automated detection of cyclic alternating pattern and classification of sleep stages using deep neural network

6.Application of CycleGAN and transfer learning techniques for automated detection of COVID-19 using X-ray images

7.Transfer learning techniques for medical image analysis: A review


8.A novel machine learning framework for automated detection of arrhythmias in ECG segments

9.A novel automated autism spectrum disorder detection system

10.Automated detection of glaucoma using elongated quinary patterns technique with optical coherence tomography angiogram images

11.An automated skin melanoma detection system with melanoma-index based on entropy features

12.Automated detection of chronic kidney disease using image fusion and graph embedding techniques with ultrasound images

13.Automated accurate emotion recognition system using rhythm-specific deep convolutional neural network technique with multi-channel EEG signals

14.Automated detection of coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction and congestive heart failure using GaborCNN model with ECG signals

15.Future IoT tools for COVID‐19 contact tracing and prediction: A review of the state‐of‐the‐science

16.Efficient deep neural network model for classification of grasp types using sEMG signals

17.ECNet: An evolutionary convolutional network for automated glaucoma detection using fundus images

18.Automated interpretation of biopsy images for the detection of celiac disease using a machine learning approach

19.Application of Artificial Intelligence techniques for the detection of Alzheimer’s disease using structural MRI images


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