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Papers by Dr. HOSONO Added in List of IROAST “Publication” page.

Mar 27, 2023

Five papers by Professor HOSONO Takahiro, an IROAST International Joint Research Faculty Member, was added in our list of Publications on IROAST website.
These are the research results of the IROAST Research Cluster “Environmental Diagnosis on Earth Surface Systems” coordinated by Dr.HOSONO, as well.

Additionally, please take a look at his research activity report for 2022

【Title of the publications】

 1.Self-organizing map improves understanding on the hydrochemical processes in aquifer systems. Science of the Total Environment

 2.Nitrogen cycling in western India as revealed by nitrogen isotopes and the historic production of saltpetre

 3.Provenancing nineteenth century saltpetre from British India using nitrogen, oxygen, and strontium isotope ratios

 4.Monsoon climate controls metal loading in global hotspot region of transboundary air pollution

 5.Drought forecasting using the Prophet model in a semi-arid climate region of western India

For your reference, the paper of #4 above was supported by "IROAST Proofreading/Publication Support Program" for FY2022.
Regarding the details of the the IROAST support program, please see HERE.




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