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Updated Publications- Paper by Dr. KOBAYASHI and Dr. ACHARYA

May 1, 2023

A paper by Dr.KOBAYASHI Makiko, an IROAST International Joint Research Faculty Member, has been published online and it was added to the "Publications" page as IROAST's achievement.

   ・Thin, flexible, and biocompatible medical ultrasound array transducer using a sol–gel composite spray technique


Additionally, the following eight papers by Dr. U Rajendra ACHARYA, an IROAST Distinguished Professor, were added to the "Publications" page, as well.

Application of explainable artificial intelligence for healthcare: A systematic review of the last decade (2011–2022)

Automated detection of ADHD: Current trends and future perspective

Assessment of CT for the categorization of hemorrhagic stroke (HS) and cerebral amyloid angiopathy hemorrhage (CAAH): A review

Role of Four-Chamber Heart Ultrasound Images in Automatic Assessment of Fetal Heart: A Systematic Understanding

Novel Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Diagnosis Index Using Deep Features and Local Directional Pattern Techniques

FFCAEs: An efficient feature fusion framework using cascaded autoencoders for the identification of gliomas

Endoscopy, video capsule endoscopy, and biopsy for automated celiac disease detection: A review

Automated detection of scaphoid fractures using deep neural networks in radiographs


Dr.KOBAYASHI and Dr. ACHARYA are currently pursuing an international collaboration, and IROAST is supporting their Research Cluster "Advanced Biomedical Evaluation System".


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