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Updated Publications-Papers by Dr. ACHARYA and Dr. KOBAYASHI

Dec 26, 2023

 Eight following papers by Dr. U Rajendra ACHARYA, IROAST Distinguished Professor, have recently been added to the "Publications" page.

  1.  Innovative Fibromyalgia Detection Approach Based on Quantum-Inspired 3LBP Feature Extractor Using ECG Signal
  2.  FF-BTP Model for Novel Sound-Based Community Emotion Detection
  3. A Novel Attention-Based Model for Semantic Segmentation of Prostate Glands Using Histopathological Images
  4. An explainable and interpretable model for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children using EEG signals
  5. SchizoNET: a robust and accurate Margenau–Hill time-frequency distribution based deep neural network model for schizophrenia detection using EEG signals
  6. Automated detection of airflow obstructive diseases: A systematic review of the last decade (2013-2022)
  7. GCLP: An automated asthma detection model based on global chaotic logistic pattern using cough sounds
  8. Novel tiny textural motif pattern-based RNA virus protein sequence classification model

#1 and #2 above are collaborative papers with him and Prof. Makiko KOBAYASHI, his host faculty member in Kumamoto University (IROAST International Joint Research Faculty Member) and, especially, #1 is supported by "IROAST Proofreading/Publication Support Programs 2023".

Dr. Prabal Datta BARUA, a Ph. D Student of Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University and a member of Dr. Kobayashi's research cluster is also a co-author of the above papers (#1, #2, #3, #6, #7, #8).

These are also the results of research by an IROAST Research Cluster "Advanced Biomedical Evaluation System" coordinated by Dr. KOBAYASHI.


Dr. Acharya                  Dr. Kobayashi


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