Welcome to Research Interns

Jan 9, 2020

We would like to welcome four IROAST research interns to Kumamoto University; Andri Hardiansyah from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Kida Lab, FAST), Yuliati Herbani from the same institute (Niidome Lab, FAST), Su-Bin Lee from the Technical University of Hamburg (Lee Lab, IROAST), and Reid Wilson from the University of Connecticut (Takafuji/Kuwahara Lab, FAST). They will work at their host professors' labs for about two months. We hope they find their stay at Kumamoto University both enjoyable and rewarding!

(From left) Assoc. Prof. Ruda Lee, Su-Bin Lee, Dr. Minwoo Kim, Prof. Takuro Niidome, Director Takashi Hiyama, Andri Hardiansyah and Yuliati Herbani

(From left) Assoc. Prof. Yutaka Kuwahara, Reid Wilson and Director Hiyama

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