(Report報告)The 93rd IROAST Seminar was held 第93回IROASTセミナーが開催されました

Mar 01, 2023

3月2日に、木田教授が世話人となり、第93回IROASTセミナーが開催され、約30名の教員及び学生が参加しました。イタリアのブレシア大学のDario Zappa 准教授が、金属酸化物ナノ構造体を用いたエネルギー・環境応用のためのビルディングブロックの開発に関する興味深い講演をおこないました。

On March, 2023, the 93rd IROAST Seminar, organized by Prof. Tetsuya KIDA (FAST, Kumamoto University), was held and about 30 faculty members and students attended. Associate Prof. Dario Zappa from the University of Brescia, Italy, gave an interesting talk on Metal oxide nanostructures as building blocks for energy and environmental applications.
*FAST: Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology

■Opening Address | 開式挨拶

|熊本大学 先端科学研究部木田 徹也 教授
Professor Tetsuya KIDA, FAST,  Kumamoto Uniersity


Associate Professor Dario Zappa, the University of Brecia, Italy
ブレシア大学(イタリア)Dario Zappa 准教授

■At Venue|会場の様子


■Group Photo|集合写      


The 93rd IROAST Seminar 第93回IROASTセミナー開催

Feb 20, 2023


国際先端科学技術研究機構(IROAST)は、ブレシア大学(イタリア)所属、Dario Zappa 准教授による、第93回IROASTセミナーを下記のとおり開催いたします。興味のある方はどなたでもご参加いただけます。多くの皆さまのご参加をお待ちしております。


1.日 時:令和5年3月1日(水)16:00-17:00

2.会 場:黒髪南W4   51番 (工学部研究棟Ⅱ)(物質生命化学科) 2階 会議室 

3.講演者・演題 (Speaker & Title):
ブレシア大学(イタリア)Dario Zappa准教授
“Metal oxide nanostructures as building blocks for energy and environmental applications”


5.  世話人:木田 徹也 教授 (大学院先端科学研究部)




IROAST will have the 93rd IROAST Seminar by Associate Professor Dario Zappa, The University of Brescia, Italy, as follows.
Anyone interested in this seminar is more than welcome. Registration is not required.
We hope to see you at the seminar.

  1. Date and time: March 1 (Wed), 2023, 16:00-17:00
  2. Venue: Conference Room, 2F  Kurokami South W4 (Faculty of Engineering Research Bldg. II)
  3. Speaker & Title:
    Associate Professor Dario Zappa, The University of Brescia, Italy
    “Metal oxide nanostructures as building blocks for energy and environmental applications”
  4. Abstract:
       Metal oxides represent a vast class of materials of interest for various scientific communities, ranging from physics to chemistry, from material science to engineering. The advances of nanotechnology not only open new possibilities for the use of these materials, but also improve dramatically the performance of existing ones. Nowadays, environmental monitoring is getting more and more essential due to the continuous rise in human activities especially in the direction of industrial and technological developments. At the same time, clean hydrogen produced by renewable energy is getting extremely popular as an alternative energy vector to fossil fuels. The lecture will present examples of metal oxides nanostructures (nanowires, nanotubes, surface functionalized nanowires and heterostructures), exploiting their potential use as chemical sensors and for the fabrication of solid oxide fuel cells. Different growth and characterization techniques will be discussed, tuning the properties of the materials with the specific application. Moreover, several strategies to improve sensitivity and selectivity of metal oxide chemical sensors will be discussed.
  5. Organizer:    Prof. Tetsuya Kida (FAST, Kumamoto University
                        Ext.: 3664 E-mail:

*Remarks: This seminar will be held in English.

IROAST Seminar inquiries: Sato (Ms.) (ext.3362)

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