IROAST Kickoff Symposium held on March 23, 2017

Mar 23, 2017

The IROAST Kickoff Symposium was held at the 100th Anniversary Hall on March 23, 2017. The theme of the symposium was "Cutting-edge Research with International Collaboration for Advanced Science and Technology." Six distinguished researchers from overseas institutions were invited to give keynote lectures, and three young researchers from IROAST also gave talks on their research. Despite the rain, some 70 individuals attended the symposium.

Moderator:  Jun Otani, IROAST Vice-Director


Opening remarks
Shinji Harada, President of Kumamoto University
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Introduction of IROAST
Takashi Hiyama, IROAST Director
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Dr. Jorge Beltramini, IROAST Visiting Professor (Host: Prof. Shinya Hayami)
The University of Queensland, Australia
"Multi-Scale Material Synthesis and Catalyst Engineering for Sustainable Production of Chemicals and Fuels"
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Dr. Ramesh Shanmughom Pillai, IROAST Visiting Professor (Host: Prof. Tokio Tani)
University of Geneva, Switzerland
"Small Noncoding RNAs In Germline Genome Defense"
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Coffee break
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Dr. Josep-Lluis Barona-Vilar, IROAST Visiting Professor (Host: Prof. Hirotaka Ihara)
Universidad de Valencia, Spain
"The social organization of scientific research. A historical perspective."
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Dr. Pawl Bowen, The University of Birmingham, UK (Host: Prof. Kazuki Takashima)
"Research at the University of Birmingham-Industrial Partnerships, International Activities and Strategies"
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Lunch break (6 keynote speakers, President, Vice President, IROAST Director and IROAST Vice Director)


Dr. Konstantinos Kontis, IROAST Visiting Professor (Host: Prof. Seyed Hamid Reza Hosseini)
University of Glasgow, UK
"Cross-disciplinary approaches to challenges in Engineering: Driving Forward Fluid Dynamics Research"
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Dr. Supri Soengkono, IROAST Visiting Professor (Host: Prof. Toshiyuki Tosha)
GNS Science, New Zealand
"Geothermal Energy-past and future"
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Coffee break
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Dr. Atsushi Sainoki, IROAST Associate Professor
"Prevention and Application of Induced Seismicity for Sustainable Energy Development"
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Dr. Aeju Lee, IROAST Associate Professor
"Polymeric Nanoconstructs for Combination Therapy and Multimodal Imaging"
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Dr. Takashi Ishida, IROAST Assistant Professor
"Molecular Insights into robustness and flexibility in plant morphogenesis"
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Closing remarks
Jun Otani, IROAST Vice-Director
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March 23, 2017: IROAST Kickoff Symposium

Feb 28, 2017

IROAST will hold its Kickoff Symposium entitled "Cutting-edge Research with International Collaboration for Advanced Science and Technology" on March 23, 2017. World-wide IROAST visiting professors and researchers will give talks on their current and internationally collaborated research.

Researchers and students inside and outside KU are welcome to attend the symposium. We hope it will be an opportunity for everyone to broaden their views of advanced science and technology.

Registration: Please email the names and affiliations of participants by March 16 (Thu) to the contact email address. Admission free.

Please see the poster and program.


Contact: IROAST Section, Administration Division of Science and Technology
Email: szk-kiko@jimu.* (Please change “*” to “”.)

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