(Report報告)The 110th IROAST Seminar was held 第110回IROASTセミナーが開催されました

Dec 12, 2023


才ノ木先生がマギル大学でのポスドク時代、当時、Agus Pulung SASMITO先生は助教授でした。以来、2017年と2018年にSASMITO先生はIROASTを訪れてセミナーを行い、IROASTの客員准教授として研究交流を続けています。


IROAST held the 110th IROAST Seminar on December 12, 2023. The seminar was organized by Associate Professor Atsushi SAINOKI, IROAST International Joint Research Faculty Member.
The relationship between Dr. Agus Pulung SASMITO and Dr. SAINOKI dates back to Dr. SAINOKI's post-doctoral days at McGill University, where Dr. SASMITO was an Assistant Professor. Since then, Dr. SASMITO visited IROAST to give seminars in 2017 and 2018, and has continued research exchange as a Visiting Associate Professor at IROAST.
Dr. SASMITO  is an outstanding researcher with many published papers and many citations, and in this seminar he spoke at this seminar on topic of artificial ground freezing and geothermal heat extraction among his research.


才ノ木 敦士 准教授 (大学院先端科学研究部)
Assoc. Prof. Atsushi Sainoki (FAST, Kumamoto University)


アグス サスミトIROAST客員准教授 (マギル大学〔カナダ〕)
Assoc. Prof. Agus Pulung Sasmito, McGill University, Canada

■At Venue|会場の様子


The 110th IROAST Seminar 第110回IROASTセミナー開催のお知らせ

Nov 29, 2023

 国際先端科学技術研究機構(IROAST)は、マギル大学所属、アグス サスミトIROAST客員准教授による、第110回IROASTセミナーを下記のとおり開催いたします。興味のある方はどなたでもご参加いただけます。多くの皆さまのご参加をお待ちしております。

1.日 時:令和5年12月12日(火)13:00~

2.会 場黒髪南C2(工学部1号館)  58番 422室 

3.講演者・演題 (Title)

   アグス サスミトIROAST客員准教授 (マギル大学〔カナダ〕)
  “Two-phase closed thermosyphon for artificial ground freezing and geothermal heat extraction”

4.世話人: 才ノ木 敦士 准教授 (大学院先端科学研究部)




IROAST will have the 110th IROAST Seminar by IROAST Visiting Associate Professor Agus Pulung Sasmito, McGill University, Canada as follows. Anyone interested in this seminar is more than welcome. Registration is not required.
We hope to see you at the seminar.            

  1. Date and time: December 12 (Tue), 2023, 13:00 -
  2. Venue: Room 422, Kurokami South C2 (Faculty of Engineering Bldg. I)
  3. Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Agus Pulung Sasmito, Department of Mining and Materials Engineering, McGill University, Canada
  4. Title: Referred to above
  5. Organizer: Assoc. Prof. Atsushi Sainoki (FAST, Kumamoto University)


* This seminar will be held in English.


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