(Report報告)The 118th IROAST Seminar was held 第118回IROASTセミナーが開催されました

Feb 21, 2024

The 118th IROAST Seminar organized by Prof. Tetsuya Kida (FAST, Kumamoto University) was held on February 21, 2024.  IROAST Visiting Associate Professor Dario ZAPPA, University of Brescia (Italy) gave a lecture on "Synthesis and integration of nanosized materials into functional devices".

2024年2月21日、木田 徹也教授(熊本大学 大学院先端科学研究部)の世話人により、第118  回IROASTセミナーが開催されました。イタリアのブレシア大学所属、ダリオ ザッパIROAST客員准教授が、「ナノサイズ材料の機能性デバイスへの合成と統合」に関する講義を行いました。

■ Organizer|世話人

Prof. Tetsuya Kida (FAST, Kumamoto University)
木田 徹也 教授 (大学院先端科学研究部)

■ Speaker|講演者

Associate Professor Dario Zappa, the University of Brecia, Italy
ブレシア大学(イタリア)Dario Zappa 准教授

■At Venue|会場の様子

■Group Photo|集合写真


The 118th IROAST Seminar 第118回IROASTセミナー開催のお知らせ

Feb 8, 2024

 国際先端科学技術研究機構(IROAST)は、イタリアのブレシア大学所属、ダリオ ザッパIROAST客員准教授による、第118回IROASTセミナーを下記のとおり開催いたします。

1.日 時:令和6年2月21日(水)16:00~17:30

2.会 場:黒髪南W4 (工学部研究棟Ⅱ(物質生命化学科)) 51番  2F会議室

3.講演者・タイトル (Title):
“Synthesis and integration of nanosized materials into functional devices”

 Among the years, nanosized materials have captivated researchers’ curiosity as promising materials for the fabrication of functional devices, ranging from chemical sensors, energy conversion devices, photodetectors, batteries, and many more. In this regard, metal oxides (MOXs), carbon-based materials and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) nanostructures have proved to be promising materials able to revolutionize the market due to their promising and exciting properties compared to their bulk counterparts.
 This talk aims at presenting the synthesis and integration of some of these nanomaterials into novel and high-performance functional devices, more specifically gas and chemical sensors, fuel cells, batteries and many more. Comprehensive characterization will be presented, highlighting the thrilling performance of fabricated devices. Most importantly, these achievements were obtained thanks to the strong interaction of SENSOR lab, located in Brescia, with worldwide research laboratories, confirming the exciting synergies arising from the mutual collaboration.

5.世話人: 木田 徹也 教授 (大学院先端科学研究部)



IROAST will have the 118th IROAST Seminar by IROAST Visiting Associate Professor Dario ZAPPA, University of Brescia (Italy) as follows.
Anyone interested in this seminar is more than welcome. Registration is not required.
We hope to see you at the seminar.

  1. Date and time: February 21 (Wed), 2024, 16:00 - 17:30
  2. Venue: Conference Room, 2F, Kurokami South W4 (Faculty of Engineering Research Bldg. II) 
  3. Speaker: Associate Professor Dario ZAPPA, University of Brescia, Italy
  4. Title & Abstract: Referred to above
  5. Organizer: Prof. Tetsuya KIDA (FAST, Kumamoto University) 

*This seminar will be held in English.

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