Kumamoto University Research Exchange Meeting 2017

Sep 25, 2017

IROAST's Professor Aida and Associate Professors Higaki and Lee will give talks at the Kumamoto University Research Exchange Meeting on Life Sciences 2017 (熊本大学 2017年 第二回 生命科学系学内研究交流会) on October 5. The Meeting is organized by the URA Promotion Office and will be held as described below. The title of the three presentations are: Prof. Aida: "Establishment of the Embryonic Shoot Meristem Involves Activation of Two Classes of Genes with Opposing Functions in Stem Cell Activities"; Prof. Higaki: "Bioimage Analysis: Quantitative Evaluation of Cytoskeletal Bundling"; Prof. Lee: "Multi-functional Nanoconstructs for Imaging and Combination Therapy."

Time & Date: 13:00 - 19:00, Thursday, October 5
Venue: Clinical Medical Education Research Center (Okukubo Memorial Hall), Kumamoto University
Building No. 15 on the Honjo Campus Map