• Takashi HIYAMA
    Dr. Takashi HIYAMA
    Distinguished Professor
    Priority Organization for Innovation & Excellence

Vice Director

  • Jun OTANI
    Dr. Jun OTANI
    Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology
    Graduate School of Science and Technology

Distinguished Professors

  • Konstantinos KONTIS
    Dr. Konstantinos KONTIS
    Professor, Head of the Aerospace Sciences Division
    Sir Henry Mechan Chair of Engineering
    School of Engineering,
    University of Glasgow, UK
    Research Interests: Aerospace engineering
  • László PUSZTAI
    Dr. László PUSZTAI
    Scientific Advisor
    Wigner Research Centre for Physics,
    Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary
    Research Interests: Structure of liquid and amorphous materials
  • Yufeng ZHENG
    Dr. Yufeng ZHENG
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
    College of Engineering, Peking University, China
    Research Interests: Metallic biomaterials

Project Professor

  • Toshiyuki TOSHA
    Dr. Toshiyuki TOSHA
    Research Interests: Geothermal energy development

Tenure-track Professor

  • Mitsuhiro AIDA
    Dr. Mitsuhiro AIDA
    Research Interests: Plant growth and development, morphogenesis, transcriptional regulation
    Technician Kazuko ONGA

Tenure-track Associate Professors

  • Takumi HIGAKI
    Dr. Takumi HIGAKI
    Research Interests: Quantitative bioimaging, cell morphogenesis, cytoskeleton and organelles
    Technician Hiroko SHIBATA
  • Aeju LEE
    Dr. Aeju LEE
    Research Interests: Molecular engineering, molecular imaging, nanomedicine, and drug delivery
  • Atsushi SAINOKI
    Dr. Atsushi SAINOKI
    Research Interests: Sustainable energy development, underground hard rock mining, rock slope stability, and induced seismicity

Tenure-track Assistant Professor

  • Takashi ISHIDA
    Dr. Takashi ISHIDA
    Research Interests: Plant stem cell and development
    Technician Mika YOSHIMURA

Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Minwoo KIM
    Dr. Minwoo KIM
    Lee Lab
    Research Interests: Theragnosis, polymers, liposomes, and biomimetic nanomedicine
  • Akiko NAKAMASU
    Dr. Akiko NAKAMASU
    Higaki Lab
    Research Interests: Pattern formation, plant morphogenesis, and theoretical and mathematical biology
    Sainoki Lab
    Research Interests: Rock fracture mechanics, three-dimensional crack propagation prediction, analytical and numerical calculations of stress intensity factors, hydraulic fracturing, and rock failure analysis
  • Sri Imriani PULUNGAN
    Dr. Sri Imriani PULUNGAN
    Aida Lab
    Research Interests: Plant growth and development, shoot apical meristem

Young Faculty Members for International Joint Research

  • Satoshi HINOKUMA
    Dr. Satoshi HINOKUMA
    Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry, Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology
    Research Interests: Catalysts
  • Makoto KUMON
    Dr. Makoto KUMON
    Robot, Control and Instrumentation Group, Division of Environmental Science, Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology
    Research Interests: Robotics, UAV, real time embedded systems, control applications, nonlinear systems
  • Yasuko MATSUBARA
    Dr. Yasuko MATSUBARA
    Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology
    Research Interests: Data mining, big data science, time series

Visiting Professors

  • Josep-Lluís BARONA-VILAR
    Dr. Josep-Lluís BARONA-VILAR
    Instituto de Historia de la Medicina y de la Ciencia López Piñero (IHMC),
    Universidad de Valencia, Spain
    Research Interests: History of science, history of medicine
  • Jorge Norberto BELTRAMINI
    Dr. Jorge Norberto BELTRAMINI
    Associate Professor-Senior Research Fellow
    Nanomaterials Centre (NANOMAC);
    Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN),
    The University of Queensland, Australia
    Research Interests: Catalysis, material science, energy
  • Paul BOWEN
    Dr. Paul BOWEN
    Department of Metallurgy and Materials
    The University of Birmingham, UK
    Research Interests: Characterisation, development, fracture and fatigue of alloys and composite materials (MMCs and CMCs), etc. Please see below.
  • Maria Jose COCERO
    Dr. Maria Jose COCERO
    Chemical Engineering & Environmental Technology
    Universidad de Valladolid, Spain
    Research Interests: Development of biorefinery processes and products.
    Healthy and high added value products from renewable raw materials.
    Intensification of processes through the implementation of new technologies for revaluation of raw materials and waste.
    Energy and fuels for the sustainable development.
    Dr. Marc DE BOISSIEU
    SIMaP, CNRS, Université Grenoble Alpes, France
    Research Interests: Quasicrystals, structure, phonon and phason,
    Coherent x-ray diffraction imaging,
    Ge based clathrates
  • Patrice DELMAS
    Dr. Patrice DELMAS
    Associate Professor
    Department of Computer Science,
    The University of Auckland, New Zealand
    Research Interests: Image processing techniques applied to soil science, 2D/3D medical imaging, Theoretical and Applied Computer Vision at large
    Dr. Martin DIENWIEBEL
    Applied Nanotribology
    Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT), Germany
    Research Interests: Tribology, surface science, nanotribology
  • Martino DI SERIO
    Dr. Martino DI SERIO
    University of Naples Federico II, Italy
    Research Interests: Catalysis, Green Chemistry
  • Derek ELSWORTH
    Dr. Derek ELSWORTH
    Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering and of Geosciences
    The Pennsylvania State University, USA
    Research Interests: Computational mechanics, rock mechanics, and in the mechanical and transport characteristics of fractured rocks
  • Carolina ESCOBAR
    Dr. Carolina ESCOBAR
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Environmental Sciences
    School of Environmental Sciences and Biochemistry
    University of Castilla La Mancha, Spain
    Research Interests: Phytopathology (Molecular knowledge of the Plant-nematode interaction and nematodes control)
  • Amir A. FARAJIAN
    Dr. Amir A. FARAJIAN
    Associate Professor
    Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
    Wright State University, USA
    Research Interests: Nanoscience and nanotechnology with emphasis on computational modeling, sensors, materials for renewable energy, inelastic response, nano- and molecular-electronics, nanoelectromechanical systems, electronic and thermal quantum transports, bio-inspired nanomaterials.
  • Etsuko FUJITA
    Dr. Etsuko FUJITA
    Senior Chemist
    Chemistry Division,
    Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
    Research Interests: Photochemistry of transition-metal complexes, organometallic compounds, and band-gap-narrowed semiconductors; photochemical and electrochemical COreduction and water splitting; small molecule activation
  • Tomonari FURUKAWA
    Dr. Tomonari FURUKAWA
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA
    Research Interests: Robotics, autonomous systems, computational/experimental mechanics
    Dr. Hamid GHANDEHARI
    Director of Utah Center for Nanomedicine,
    Professor of Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Bioengineering,
    University of Utah, USA
    Research Interests: Engineering biomaterials for delivery of bioactive agents, toxicology of engineered nanoconstructs
  • Olivier HAMANT
    Dr. Olivier HAMANT
    Research Director
    INRA, RDP, ENS Lyon, France
    Research Interests: Plant development, mechanical signals
  • Christian HARDTKE
    Dr. Christian HARDTKE
    Department of Plant Molecular Biology, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
    Research Interests: Plant development, vascular differentiation, plant hormones, peptide signalling
    Dr. Jens HARTMANN
    Institute for Geology, Universität Hamburg, Germany
    Research Interests: Aquatic geochemistry, global biogeochemical cycles
  • Yang KIM
    Dr. Yang KIM
    Kosin University, Korea
    Research Interests: Supramolecular chemistry, chemosensor
  • Tsutomu KIUCHI
    Dr. Tsutomu KIUCHI
    Technical advisor
    Civil Engineering Technology Division
    Shimizu Corporation
    Research Interests: Cost management of geothermal development;Geothermal drilling management;Utilization of geothermal water and regional revitalization;Geothermal development management; Formation of social consensus
  • Alexei KUZMIN
    Dr. Alexei KUZMIN
    Head of Laboratory
    Laboratory of Materials Morphology and Structure Investigations
    Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia
    Research Interests: X-ray absorption spectroscopy, computer simulations, oxide materials
  • Ick Chan KWON
    Dr. Ick Chan KWON
    Principal Research Scientist
    Biomedical Research Institute, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Korea
    Research Interests: Drug delivery system, molecular imaging, theragnosis, nanomedicine
  • Pavel LEJČEK
    Dr. Pavel LEJČEK
    Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic, AND
    University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic
    Research Interests: Metallurgy, materials science
  • Viren Ivor MENEZES
    Dr. Viren Ivor MENEZES
    Department of Aerospace Engineering,
    Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India
    Research Interests: Applications of shock waves and hypersonic aerothermodynamics
  • Matthieu MICOULAUT
    Dr. Matthieu MICOULAUT
    Sorbonne Université, France
    Research Interests: Glasses, liquids.
    Glass transition, structure of disordered materials.  
  • Dmitri Aleks MOLODOV
    Dr. Dmitri Aleks MOLODOV
    Institute of Physical Metallurgy and Metal Physics,
    RWTH Aachen University, Germany
    Research Interests: Characterization and control of micro-structure evolution in polycrystalline solids; Dynamic properties of interfaces in metals and alloys; Crystal plasticity
  • Rahul Raveendran NAIR
    Dr. Rahul Raveendran NAIR
    Materials Physics
    National Graphene Institute and School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science
    The University of Manchester, UK
    Research Interests: Materials physics, 2D materials, nanoscience and nanotechnology, 2D materials based membranes and coating, nanofluidics
  • Reiko ODA
    Dr. Reiko ODA
    Research Director
    CBMN UMR5248, CNRS,
    Université de Bordeaux, France
    Research Interests: Colloid/surfactant chemistry, physical chemistry
  • Ramesh Shanmughom PILLAI
    Dr. Ramesh Shanmughom PILLAI
    Department of Molecular Biology,
    University of Geneva, Switzerland
    Research Interests: RNA biology and epigenetics
  • Zoran REN
    Dr. Zoran REN
    Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,
    University of Maribor, Slovenia
    Research Interests: Advanced computation solid mechanics, cellular materials, impact and dynamics
  • Christian RENTENBERGER
    Dr. Christian RENTENBERGER
    Associate Professor
    Faculty of Physics
    University of Vienna, Austria
    Research Interests: Structure and properties of nanocrystalline and amorphous materials, electron microscopy methods
    Dr. Supri SOENGKONO
    Senior Geothermal Geophysicist
    GNS Science, New Zealand
    Research Interests: Magnetic and gravity
  • Gioacchino (Cino) VIGGIANI
    Dr. Gioacchino (Cino) VIGGIANI
    Solid Mechanics and Civil Engineering
    Université Grenoble Alpes, France
    Research Interests: Geomechanics
  • Thomas WAITZ
    Dr. Thomas WAITZ
    Associate University Professor
    Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna, Austria
    Research Interests: Nanostructured materials, shape memory alloys, phase transformations, transmission electron microscopy
  • Zhenghe XU
    Dr. Zhenghe XU
    College of Engineering,
    Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China
      Teck Professor
    Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
    Research Interests: Engineering of nano particles and composites for bio, energy and environmental applications, etc.
  • Firuz ZARE
    Dr. Firuz ZARE
    Power and Energy Group,
    The University of Queensland, Australia
    Research Interests: Power electronics and energy conversion

Administrative Staff

Chief Junichi KUMAGAI
Senior Administrator Tomomi MAEDA
Staff Member Kenichi FUKUDA
University Research Administrator (URA) Chen CHEN
International Coordinator Shoko MURAO
Clerical Assistant Tae SATO
Clerical Assistant Junko ODAWARA
Clerical Assistant Shiho ISHII