Shin-Ichi OHIRA

Dr. Shin-Ichi OHIRA

Professor, Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology

Research Fields
Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry

Research interest

Ion is an important chemical form in environment, human body, energy storage, etc. We have successfully developed electrodialytic ion handling method which can quantitatively transfer ionic solutes from one to other solution phases. And we are applying this to sample pretreatment for chemical analysis, speciation analysis of chromium species, separation of radio active isotopes from target materials, in-line synthesis and separations of amino acids and chiral compounds.

Cu2+ ion is transferred into ligand solution to synthesize radioactive probe.
(See details in Analytical Chemistry, 92, 14953-14958 (2020))




> Miniaturized crossflow ion transfer device for post-column enrichment in ion chromatography
S. Ohira*, T. Sakaki, R. Miyachi, A. Otsubo, A. Umemoto, Y. Kuwahara, K. Toda
Talanta, 216, 120989 (2020).

> Semi-Continuous Monitoring of Cr(VI) and Cr(III) during a Soil Extraction Process by Means of an Ion Transfer Device and Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
W.C. Nugraha, H. Nagai, S. Ohira*, K. Toda
Analytical Sciences, 36, 617-620 (2020).

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