Mitsuru SASAKI

Dr. Mitsuru SASAKI

Associate Professor, Institute of Industrial Nanomaterials (IINa)

Research Fields
Reactions/Separations in Supercritical fluids, Materials processing with pulsed discharges, Biomass conversion to useful chemicals

Research interest

We would like to propose new processes for producing medically available materials and skincare products with environmentally benign and economically feasible manners. Below are examples of outputs in this project. Throughout this work, we aim to produce materials that have high functionalities and bioactivity.

1) Biomass liquefaction / conversion of thermally-stable organic compounds for recovering;
 (1) bio-active water-solubles
 (2) medically available functional compounds
 (3) cellulose fiber

2) Metal/biopolymer nanohybrid materials preparation

3) Quick and selective degradation of thermally-stable wastewater pollutant compounds.


Study on chemical evolution by simulation experiments regarding the plasma processes and hydrothermal conditions with minerals under the Hadean Earth environments, KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) 2019-2023.

Research on the aging of rice shochu using locally produced wood and its utilization, Project Research at Japan Sake and Syochu Makers Association 2022.

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