Jorge Norberto BELTRAMINI

Dr. Jorge Norberto BELTRAMINI

Professor, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia

Research Fields
Catalysis, material science, energy

Research interest

· Heterogeneous mono, bimetal and multimetal supported catalyst design and characterization.

· Development of new siliceous and non-siliceous mesoporous materials and their

functionalization to be used for conversion of biomass to liquid fuels and chemicals.

· Synthesis of new advanced carbon structures derived from biomass waste as catalyst support

and energy storage materials (activated carbons, one and two-dimensional carbon nanotubes,

graphene nanosheets, 3D carbon structures).

· Biomass conversion processes optimization into value added green chemicals and fuels.

· Hydrogen production and storage from renewable sources.

· Circular economy, waste (municipal, industrial, plastic waste, sewerage) to wealth creation.

· Catalytic reactor design for energy conversion and storage applications.

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