The 1st IROAST Symposium "Plant Cell and Developmental Biology: Approaches to Multiscale Biosystems" held on November 14

Nov 20, 2017

The 1st IROAST Symposium on "Plant Cell and Developmental Biology: Approaches to Multiscale Biosystems" was held at the 100th Anniversary Hall on November 14, 2017. The symposium was organized by IROAST Professor Mitsuhiro Aida, Associate Professor Takumi Higaki and Assistant Professor Takashi Ishida. Four leading scientists from overseas institutions and four from universities in Japan were invited to give talks, and six researchers from Kumamoto University, including the organizers, also gave talks. There were twenty-one poster presentations posted in the symposium and banquet venues. Some 80 researchers and students attended the symposium.

Opening Remarks - Mitsuhiro Aida


Welcome Speech by President of Kumamoto University - Shinji HARADA


Introduction of IROAST by IROAST Director - Takashi HIYAMA


Session 1
Takumi HIGAKI - Mathematical modeling approaches to jigsaw-puzzle pattern formation by plant cells
Takashi HASHIMOTO - Temporal remodeling of plant microtubule cytoskeleton by fluctuating stresses
Tokio TANI - Chemical biology of nuclear morphology


Break / Poster Viewing


Session 2
Gohta GOSHIMA - Microtubules and motors in moss
Bo LIU - Microtubule assembly for plant cytokinesis
Hiroyoshi TAKANO - Moss plastids have peptidoglycan wall, similar to cyanobacteria


Lunch Break

Session 3
Mitsuhiro Aida - Embryonic shoot formation: establishing the basis for plant life
Yuling JIAO - Axillary meristem: way to branch out
Junko KYOZUKA - Molecular basis to look like their age: in case of rice leaves


Session 4
Takashi ISHIDA - CLV-like signaling pathways that modulate root meristem activities in Arabidopsis
Masaaki UMEDA  - Maintenance of genome integrity in root stem cells
Christian HARDTKE - A molecular rheostat adjusts auxin flux to promote root protophloem differentiation


Session 5
Shinichiro SAWA - Analysis of infection mechanisms of root knot nematodes
Brad Day - The plant guard cell as a paradigm for the analysis of immunity and pathogen virulence


Closing Remarks - Mitsuhiro AIDA


After the Symposium

Thank you very much, everyone!