Visiting Professor Ghandehari pays a courtesy visit to University Trustee Dr. Matsumoto

Mar 20, 2019

On March 15, 2019, IROAST Visiting Professor Hamid Ghandehari paid a courtesy visit to Dr. Yasumichi Matsumoto, the university trustee in charge of research. Professor Ghandehari is the director of the Utah Center for Nanomedicine, Utah University and also the editor-in-chief of Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. Professor Hamid Hosano from the Institute of Pulsed Power Science (IPPS) invited him through the IROAST Researcher Invitation Program and organized the 56th IROAST Seminar-IPPS Lecture & Seminar No. 48, where Professor Ghandehari gave a talk entitled "Safety assessment of inorganic and dendritic nanoparticles."

During their meeting, Professor Ghandehari and Dr. Matsumoto exchanged information on their research networks and discussed research collaboration possibilities. As a result of this visit, further exchanges and collaborations between the universities are expected.

The University of Utah is a public institution located in Salt Lake City. Its current undergraduate and graduate enrollments are over 30,000 in total. Please visit their website for more information.

(from left, IROAST Director Hiyama, Dr. Matsumoto, Prof. Ghandehali, Prof. Hosano)