Welcome to New Members -New Director and Vice Director appointed on April 1st

Apr 8, 2021

On the first day of a new fiscal year, April 1st, an immediate past Vice Director, Dr. Kazuki Takashima, has been appointed as new Director of the IROAST. Also, Professor Kei Toda has been appointed as new Vice Director. We look forward to working under their able leadership.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that following new Visiting Professors and an administrative staff join the IROAST.

New members of the IROAST

Director TAKASHIMA Kazuki

Vice Director TODA Kei

Visiting Professor Dragos HORVATH

Visiting Professor URAKAWA Atsushi

Visiting Professor HIMEDA Yuichiro

Visiting Associate Professor SATOH Hiroko

Chief Administrator MIYAYAMA Miyuki

Welcome to IROAST!
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(from right) Prof. Takashima, new Director, and Prof. Toda, new Vice Director Director Takashima handed over the letter of appointment to new Vice Director Toda.