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  • Dr. Karakus from the University of Adelaide visits IROAST


Dr. Karakus from the University of Adelaide visits IROAST

Feb 21, 2019

Dr. Murat Karakus, Associate Professor at the University of Adelaide, Australia, visited Kumamoto University from February 17 to 21, 2019. Dr. Karakus whose research interests are in constitutive models for rock mechanics, is a member of IROAST Associate Professor Atsushi Sainoki's research unit for sustainable energy development. At IROAST, Dr. Karakus met with Associate Professor Sainoki to further their research collaboration, and was also united with Dr Adam Schwartzkopff of the Sainoki Lab who came from the University of Adelaide. On February 19, to introduce his research and start an international student exchange program between the two universities, Dr Karakus met with researchers from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture, including IROAST Vice-Director Jun Otani, and Professor Mitsuyo Kishida, Head of the Division of International Joint Education, Global Joint Education Center for Science and Technology (GJEC).

(From left, Assoc. Prof. Mukunoki, Assoc. Prof. Sainoki, Dr. Karakus, Assoc. Prof. Sato, IROAST Vice-Director Otani and Prof. Kishida)

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