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Dr. Robert WILSON visits the IROAST

Nov 27, 2023

On November 27, Dr. Robert WILSON, Team Leader, CSIRO Australia, which has an MOU with IROAST, visited the IROAST, Kumamoto University.
During the meeting with Director Kazuki TAKASHIMA, Dr. TAKASHIMA introduced the University and IROAST projects, and Dr. WILSON provided information on the current research of his research team, including TiWi, low cost titanium wire. Afterwards, they exchanged opinions on one of the IROAST projects, the acceptance of internship students, etc.
In the afternoon, they visited a Laboratory of Prof. Yoji MINE, one of the IROAST research clusters, "Advance Structural Materials", and exchanged opinions on joint research.

From left, Dr. Wilson and Dr. Takashima

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