Publications Updated

Apr 21, 2021

We have added IROAST Distinguished Professor László PUSZTAI’s following 6 papers to our list of publications.

For more details, please visit Publications for 2020 and Publications for 2021

*#5 and #6 are International Collaborative Publications by Laszlo PUSZTAI and his Host Professor (until March, 2021), Professor HOSOKAWA Shinya in Kumamoto University.

Publication list for 2020

1.“Temperature-dependent structure of methanol-water mixtures on cooling: X-ray and neutron diffraction and molecular dynamics simulations,”

2.“Chloride ions as integral parts of hydrogen bonded networks in aqueous salt solutions: the appearance of solvent separated anion pairs”


Publication list for 2021

3.“Hydrogen bonding and percolation in propan-2-ol – Water liquid mixtures: X-ray diffraction experiments and computer simulations”

4.“Pressure-Dependent Structure of Methanol–Water Mixtures up to 1.2 GPa: Neutron Diffraction Experiments and Molecular Dynamics Simulations”

5.“Detailed structural analysis of amorphous Pd40Cu40P20: Comparison with the metallic glass Pd40Ni40P20 from the viewpoint of glass forming ability”

6.“Detailed investigations on short- and intermediate-range structures of Ge-Se glasses near the stiffness transition composition”


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