Publications Updated

Jul 9, 2021

We have added IROAST Visiting Professor Kim Yang and his Host Professor Hayami Shinya's following 4 papers to our list of publications.

For more details, please visit Publications for 2020.

*#3 is also the publication by Professor Jorge Bltramini, IROAST Distinguished Professors.

Publication list for 2020

1.Optimizing Photoluminescence Quantum Yields in Uranyl Dicarboxylate Complexes: Further Investigations of 2,5‐, 2,6‐ and 3,5‐Pyridinedicarboxylates and 2,3‐Pyrazinedicarboxylate2

2.Solvent-Dependent Bending Ability of Salen-Derived Organic Crystals

3.Microwave-assisted catalytic conversion of glucose to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural using "three dimensional" graphene oxide hybrid catalysts

4.Ferromagnetically coupled hydroxo-bridged heptanuclear Ni(II) wheel cluster with S= 7 ground spin state


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