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  • Director Takashima and Dr. Lee visited Australia for Strengthening Research Collaboration with IROAST


Director Takashima and Dr. Lee visited Australia for Strengthening Research Collaboration with IROAST

Mar 28, 2024

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Director Kazuki TAKASHIMA, Dr. Ruda LEE (Associate Professor, IINa / International Joint Research Faculty Member, IROAST) and Ms. Miyuki MIYAYAMA (Chief Manager, IROAST Office) visited three Australian institutes aiming to strengthen the relationship with IROAST and develop international joint research network.

March 15, 2024: Visit to CSIRO Clayton

On March 15, they visited the CSIRO Manufacturing in Melbourne. The CSIRO Manufacturing and IROAST have a department-level academic exchange agreement and have continued close relationship, including a visit in March 2023, a joint symposium in June, and a visit to IROAST by Dr. Robert WILSON, Team Leader, CSIRO Manufacturing.

In this visit, Director TAKASHIMA and Dr. LEE discussed how to further expand our research collaboration with Dr. Daniel EAST, Dr. WILSON, and Dr. Kung YANG by presenting their research. Also, there were chances to meet two post-doctoral researchers who are interested in IROAST research internship program. Also, Dr. LEE had chances to tour their Biomanufacturing facilities and discuss to develop new collaboration.

Lab tour of biomanufacturing facilities of CSIRO

(from left) Dr Kun Yang, Dr Robert Wilson, Director Takashima and Associate Professor Lee

March 18, 2024: Visit to University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

On March 18, they visited the School of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT), University of Technology Sydney. After touring the laboratories of biomedical engineering accompanied by Professor David ORTEGA and Dr. Helen XU, Director TAKASHIMA and Dr. LEE gave a lecture on IROAST and their research at the seminar, which was participated by about 30 participants.

In the afternoon, they had a meeting with Professor Eryk DUTKIEWICZ, Associate Dean (International) of FEIT, Prof. ORTEGA, and other faculty members to discuss future collaborations. They exchanged views on research exchange and doctoral student exchange, and agreed to make active use of the university-level MOU between the University of Technology Sydney and Kumamoto University to promote exchange between FEIT and IROAST.


(From left) Dr. Helen Xu, Ms. Miyayama, Associate Professor Lee, Director Takashima, Professor Eryk Dutkiewicz, Professor David Ortega, Associate Professor Wei Deng, Professor Gyorgy Hutvagner

March 18, 2024: Visit to Australian International Institute of Higher Education (AIIHE)

On March 19, Dr. Prabal Datta BARUA, a member of Prof. Makiko KOBAYASHI’s research cluster, “Advanced Biomedical Evaluation System”, and faculty members of Australian International Institute of Higher Education (AIIHE) exchanged views on the possibility of future collaboration. Dr. BARUA is scheduled to visit Kumamoto University on March 28 and 29, so the discussion will continue.

Meeting with faculty members




Group photo with faculty members


This visit was very meaningful as IROAST was able to expand the possibilities of starting new joint research, applying jointly for external funding and planning for joint symposium.

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