21st IROAST Seminar-Tunable graphene oxide membranes-held on December 6, 2017

Dec 06, 2017

IROAST Visiting Professor Rahul R. Nair from The University of Manchester gave a talk at the 21st IROAST Seminar organized by Professor Shinya Hayami from the Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology. Dr. Nair is a professor in the research group of Sir Andre Geim, 2010 Nobel Prize Winner for "groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene," and is a leading researcher in  2D materials such as graphene and oxidized graphene. About 50 students and faculty members attended the seminar to listen to his fascinating talk.




Professor Nair also visited IROAST Director Hiyama on December 4.

(From left) Prof. Hayami, Prof. Nair, Director Hiyama and Chief Kumagai

December 6 (Wed), 2017: 21st IROAST Seminar-Tunable graphene oxide membranes

Nov 24, 2017

IROAST will hold the 21st IROAST Seminar as below. Everyone is welcome. We hope to see you at the seminar.

Permeation through nanometre-pore materials has been attracting unwavering interest due to fundamental
differences in governing mechanisms at macroscopic and molecular scales, the importance of water
permeation in living systems, and relevance for filtration and separation techniques. Latest advances
in the fabrication of artificial channels and membranes using two-dimensional (2D) materials have enabled
the prospect of understanding the nanoscale and sub-nm scale permeation behaviour of water and ions
extensively. In particular, GO membrane containing 2D graphene capillaries shows unique permeation
properties such as ultrafast permeation of water and molecular sieving. In my talk, I will discuss our
recent results on molecular and ionic permeation properties of GO membranes and its prospect for
several applications.

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