(Report報告)The 114th IROAST Seminar was held 第114回IROASTセミナーが開催されました

Jan 10, 2024

The 114th IROAST Seminar organized by Prof. Yoji MINE (FAST, Kumamoto University) was held on January 10, 2024.
Dr. Hiroto KITAGUCHI, Senior Research Fellow from University of Birmingham, who is also a member of an IROAST Research Cluster coordinated by Prof. Mine, gave a lecture on his own research on metallic materials.

After the seminar, a friendly discussion was held, the participating students were interested in his life experience of studying in the UK after obtaining his bachelor's degree, working for a company, and then becoming a researcher, as a reference for their own career paths.

2024年1月10日、峯洋二教授(熊本大学 大学院先端科学研究部)の世話人により、第114回IROASTセミナーが開催された。
峯教授がコーディネートするIROAST Research Clusterのメンバーでもあるバーミンガム大学上級研究員の北口 裕人博士が、ご自身の金属材料に関する研究について講演されました。



峯 洋二 教授 (大学院先端科学研究部)
Prof. Yoji MINE (FAST, Kumamoto University)


Dr. Hiroto KITAGUCHI, Senior Research Fellow,  University of Birmingham
バーミンガム大学  (英国)  上級研究員  北口 裕人 博士

■At Venue|会場の様子

■Group Photo|集合写真

■参加者と軽食をとりながらの交流|Interaction with participants over light meals


The 114th IROAST Seminar 第114回IROASTセミナー開催のお知らせ

Dec 25, 2023


1.日 時:令和6年1月10日(水)10:30~11:30

2.会 場:黒髪南C3(工学部研究棟Ⅰ) 59番  203室

3.講演者・演題 (Title):
上級研究員  北口 裕人 博士
“Towards comprehensive understanding in material characterisations- Power of electron microscopy (EM) –“

 Following over 15 years of a journey in the UK, started as a student, then becoming a professional in both academia and industry, I have a great appreciation for the fundamental characterisation technique of EM for comprehensive understanding in material characterisations to understand physical properties in metallic materials. It is also becoming apparent we may have started pushing the limitations of these techniques. Multiple solutions for these issues can be sought, such as correlative analyses with theoretical calculations/simulations. In this talk, I would like to discuss above using polycrystalline Ni based superalloys.


6.世話人: 峯 洋二 教授 (大学院先端科学研究部)
                        ※連絡先:峯研究室 田中 史恵 




IROAST will have the 114th IROAST Seminar by Dr. Hiroto Kitaguchi, University of Birmingham UK as follows.

Anyone interested in this seminar is more than welcome. Please contact an Organizer Registration is not required. Registration is free of charge.
After the seminar, we plan to have light refreshments to talk with participants.
We hope to see you at the seminar.

  1. Date and time: January 10 (Wed), 2024, 10:30 -11:30
  2. Venue: Room 203, Kurokami South C3 (Faculty of Engineering Research Bldg. I)
  3. Speaker: Dr. Hiroto Kitaguchi, Senior Research Fellow, School of Metallurgy and Materials, University of Birmingham
  4. Title & Abstract: Referred to above
  5. Registration: Please send your name, affiliation and e-mail address to 5. Contact.
    Registration deadline: 13:00, Fri, January 5, 2024  
  1. Organizer: Prof. Yoji Mine (FAST, Kumamoto University)
    Contact: Ms. Fumie Tanaka, Mine Lab

* Remarks: This seminar will be held in English.

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