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IROAST Start-up Program for Formulation of Joint Research Hub by Crossing Departments 2021部局横断による共同研究拠点形成スタートアップ事業

[Closed for FY2021]

IROAST, having focused on four priority research areas (Nanomaterial Science, Green Energy, Environmental Science, Advanced Green Bio), will promote research activities with an emphasis on “Technology for people”, and "Strengthening resilience", under the theme of "Science and Technology for Developing a Well-Being Society - Beyond the SDGs," including the fields of material science and data science of common base technologies.

Therefore, IROAST starts to call for applications for this program as the following “Guideline.”



Selected faculty members of the program for FY2021

Professor NAKANISHI, Yoshitaka
Research Theme: The engineering for interactions, communications and fusions in boundaries
Research Keywords: Construction of communication method for promoting an advanced interdisciplinary research crossing advanced science and life science.
Research Fields: Science / Engineering / Medical



Microchamber device for studying phagocytosis of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene particles by human monocyte-derived macrophages

Generation of Nano/Microplastics for Immunological Assessments

Associate Professor SUGIMOTO, Manabu
Research Theme: Development of Electronic-Structure Informatics Platform for Natural-Product Drug Discovery
Research Keywords: Computational chemistry, Quantum chemistry, Computer simulation,
Materials informatics, Chemoinformatics, Natural product, Drug discovery, Information engineering, e-Learning, Project-based learning, Instructional design, Cognitive psychology
Research Fields: ChemistryChemistry / Physics / Biology / Computational Science / Pharmaceutical Science / Education / Psychology

Professor KIDA, Tetsuya
Research Theme: Valorization of “Blue Carbon” for Sustainable Well-Being
Research Keywords: Chemical engineering
Research Fields: Engineering / Pharmacy / Interdisciplinary (Sociology, History, Politics)



In-Situ Transesterification of Microalgae Using Carbon-Based Catalyst under Pulsed Microwave Irradiation

Associate Professor LEE, Ruda
Research Theme: The Effect of Urban Forestry on Lung Health in Fine Dust Environment
Research Keywords: Green Urbanisation
Research Fields: Science / Engineering / Medical


Professor HAYAMI, Shinya
Research Theme: Construction of antiviral social and agricultural infrastructures based on nanomaterials
Research Keywords: Nanoscience, Material chemistry, Virology, Information science, Medical science, Biology, Agriculture, Environmental science
Research Fields: Science / Engineering / Medical


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