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Low-Dimensional Molecular Electronics and Spintronics

Interplay between the structural chirality, spin state and electron transportation properties become the foundation and key scientific factor of the next generation molecular electronic and spintronic devices. To date, the structural-function relationship of such molecular electronic and spintronic devices has not been well understood, and the effect of chirality, spin-state and spin-orbit coupling interactions in the molecules remains unclear. Our team intends to build up a platform that reveals the electronic properties of molecular materials using an established spin current detecting system from solid-state physics. By systematically analyzing series of molecules and low-dimensional molecular materials, our team will not only pursue a deeper comprehension of the fundamental knowledge, but also the development of novel molecular electronic devices with exotic properties.

Cluster members

  • Japan
    Zhongyue ZHANG Website
    Associate Professor, IROAST, Kumamoto University
  • China
    Yufan LI Website
    Assistant Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • USA
    Zhenfei LIU Website
    Assistant Professor, Wayne State University




Collaboration with physicist:
August 2024:The coordinator, Zhang's visit of the lab of Prof. Yufan Li (Cluster member) in Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Discussion with Prof. Li in Chinese University of Hong Kong

Collaboration with theoretical chemist (Prof. Zhenfei Liu in Wayne State University)


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