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Next-Generation Design of Building Structures-DfX

The sustainability of structural design and construction is attracting the attention of researchers and engineers, as well as structural safety performance. The research unit aims to the two key research themes, i.e., (1) safety analysis and optimization of structures under extreme loads (e.g., post- earthquake fire, long-period ground motion (LPGM), and near-fault ground motion (NFGM)), including the application of high-performance materials, and (2) recycling of wastes arising from the extreme loads and strengthening of the structures after subjected to the extreme loads. The two themes also can be shortly called Design for Safety and Sustainability (DfS2). The research activities will be conducted using advanced numerical methods (FEM and DEM), algebraic analysis, and experimental verification, to develop technology to promote the Next-generation design of structures. The main research topics that research units would like to conduct are the safety of concrete structures, structural analysis and optimization, Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP)-repaired structures, and resilient structures, and evaluation and optimization of the structures with Design for deconstruction, and optimization of eco concrete such as volcanic ash concrete, development and application of high-performance materials (Textile reinforced cementitious composite, structural health monitor cementitious composite, nanotechnology for construction), and sustainable structural design, etc.

Next-Generation Design of Building Structures-DfX

Cluster members

  • Japan
    Gaochuang CAI Website
    Associate Professor, IROAST, Kumamoto University, Japan/ Adjunct professor, École Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Saint-Étienne (ENISE), École Centrale de Lyon (ECL), University of Lyon, FRANCE
  • Japan
    Kazuo DAN Website
    Professor, FAST, Kumamoto University, JAPAN
  • France
    Amir SI LARBI Website
    Full professor/ IROAST Visiting Professor, École Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Saint-Étienne (ENISE), École Centrale de Lyon (ECL), University of Lyon
  • U.K.
    Konstantinos Daniel TSAVDARIDIS Website
    Full professor/ IROAST Visiting Professor, School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, City, University of London
  • Germany
    Danièle WALDMANN Website
    Full professor, Insitut für Massivbau(Institute of Concrete and Masonry Structures), Technischen Universität Darmstadt



Seismic behavior and simplified hysteretic model of precast concrete wall panels with bolted connections under cyclic loading
Fuchao Zhao*Feng XiongGaochuang Cai**Qi GeA. Si Larbi  *Internship student (2022.01.20-2022.02.25 [online]) in IROAST Research Internship Program   **Host professor at Kumamoto University
Engineering Structures, 292, 1, 116562

Bond performance of carbon fiber reinforced polymer rebars in ultra-high-performance concrete
Haitang Zhu, Yunjian He*Gaochuang Cai**, Shengzhao Cheng, Yin Zhang, Amir Si Larbi  *Internship student (2022.01.20-2022.02.25 [online]) in IROAST Research Internship Program   **Host professor at Kumamoto University, **Corresponding author 
Construction and Building Materials, 387, 131646 (2023)

Cyclic behavior of RCFT columns with large D/t ratio steel tubes: Effect of reinforcement arrangement
Gaochuang Cai, T. Fujinaga, A. Si Larbi, Y. Wen and P. B. Malla
Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering

Seismic behavior of square concrete columns confined by FRP-steel composite tube
Wang, Y., & Cai, G.*
Journal of Building Engineering, 65, 105754. (2023).

Damage control of the masonry infills in RC frames under cyclic loads: a full-scale test study and numerical analyses
Qiwang Su, Gaochuang Cai, Meree Hani, Amir Si Larbi,  Konstantinos Daniel Tsavdaridis  
Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, 21(2), 1017-1045 (2023)

Performance and numerical modelling of full-scale demountable bolted PC wall panels subjected to cyclic loading
Fuchao Zhao, Feng XiongGaochuang CaiHuiqun YanYe LiuAmir Si Larbi
Journal of Building Engineering, 63, Part 1, 105556 (2023)

Performance and modeling of FRP-steel dually confined reinforced concrete under cyclic axial loading
Guipeng Chen, Yananlei Wang, Gaochuang Cai,Amir Si LarbiBaolin Wan,Qingduo Hao
Composite Structures, 300, 116076 (2022)


Seismic Performance and AI-based Evaluation Method of SRC Rectangular Columns Subjected to Multiple Repeated Cyclic Loads
Research Grant Ohata Foundation, 2,000,000JPY, 2022.10-2023.9


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