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Reprogramming Multi-Drug Resistance Breast Cancer for Women’s Health and Quality of Life

Research Keyword: Multi drug resistance, Cancer, Immune system, Reprogramming

A better understanding of complex and dynamic system is essential to enable us to develop therapeutic strategies that bypass MDR, and also effective ways of inhibiting MDR components to increase the efficacy of our current extensively used chemotherapies. In this research, to get real-time MDR reactive information, we will build optimized, customizable 3D microfluidic chips, set up natural conditions, such as healthy cells and reconstructed 3D tumor microenvironments (TME) use super-resolution imaging devices from a world-class imaging cluster lab.

Reprogramming Multi-Drug Resistance Breast Cancer for Women’s Health and Quality of Life

Cluster members

  • Japan
    Ruda LEE Website
    Associate Professor, Institute of Industrial Nanomaterials(IIna), Kumamoto University
  • Korea
    Seung-Hae KWON
    Principal investigator, Korea Basic Science Institute
  • U.S.A.
    Jungkyu KIM
    Associate Professor, University of Utah



Woojin Lee*, Leehyung Kim, Ruda Lee**. Strategic Review of Germany's LULUCF Policy Development Process: Implications for Korea. Journal of Wetlands Research, 24, 102-114, 2022.
*Internship student(2021.09.01-2021.10.27) in IROAST Research Internship Program   **Host professor at Kumamoto University

  1. FY2022 JSPS, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
  2. 令和4年度「クロス・フロンティア研究推進事業」, 熊本大学


  1. Ruda Lee, Emerging Role of Nanotechnology for Water Sustainability. Korea International Water Week (KIWW) 2022. 2022/11/24, Daegu, Korea. 

    (At the venue)                                                                      (Group photo)

  2. Ruda Lee, Nanoplatform for constructing new approaches to cancer treatment. Kangwon National University, 2022/03/30, Web.

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